new artist John Guzman!!


I’d like to introduce our newest family member, JOHN GUZMAN!!!  John Guzman is an immense lover of cartoons and comics and will definitely kick your butt in Street Fighter. He is also an incredible artist who’s been tattooing since 2006 working primarily with a combination of New School and Realism style tattooing, however, John is one of our universal artists who is able to do it all! His passion for art and comics is obvious in his work and you can tell that John loves being an artist, continuously pushing himself creatively.

John will be moving up to Annapolis, MD all the way from Coral Springs, FL starting at Lucky Bird Tattoo on Monday, April 10th following the Baltimore Tattoo Convention!  If you are interested in starting a project with John, please contact him via email prior to the April 10th date.

For questions regarding appointments, please email John:

IMG_0979 copy

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