Baltimore Bully Crew

In March 2017, Lucky Bird Tattoo raised $1,825.00 in donations from clients for the non profit organization, Baltimore Bully Crew in order to help spread their support and awareness.  On Saturday, June 24, 2017 the full staff of Lucky Bird Tattoo and members from Baltimore Bully Crew got together to hang out and celebrate the success from the March Raffle.  Please go to their website to learn more about their cause and show your support!

Photo from Left to Right:
(Back): Eric Vocke, Jeffrey Scott, Parry Chotipradit, Jade Stinchcomb, Nora Stinchcomb, John Guzman, Tyler McKinney, George O’Haran, Shana Hall, Nick Tate, Shannon Taber, Rodd Diaz, Scott James, Walt Glinowiecki, Jon Wiedefeld, Kristin Beaver, Ryan Beaver
(Front): Piper, Sean Stinchcomb, Delilah, Kaelyn Wiedefeld, Evelyn Wiedefeld, Josh Ford, Daphne, Piglet 
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