Nick Tate

Thursdays - Saturdays


Nick is our most recent addition to our piercing staff.  Following his apprenticeship under the guidance of our manager/senior piercer, Scott James, Nick is expanding and improving the same values and the experience that Lucky Bird has always provided.  He began working for Lucky Bird Tattoo as our receptionist and has quickly worked his way up the ranks with much enthusiasm and dedication.  Nick's friendly personality and thorough knowledge of his trade puts his client's at ease while in his care.  

While we are always evolving and growing with the piercing industry, our shop mainly focuses on common body piercings avoiding extreme modifications and advanced surface piercings.  If you have any questions regarding a specific piercing, please contact the shop so we can discuss what is recommended.  




All jewelry available for piercings are a 316L grade Stainless Steel as well as a limited option of Titanium 23.  Jewelry is included in the price of the piercing with the exception to Change Outs and Earlobe Gauging.