Nicky Hennerez has always been an artist for as long as he can remember learning all the different art mediums, but specifically oil painting.  Over the years of painting he developed a new passion for tattooing and began his career as a tattoo artist in 2010.  

Nicky specializes in black and grey realism, illustrative realism and neo-traditional tattoos.  Unless he is using warmer or muted color tones, Nicky usually prefers to tattooing black and grey.

**UPDATE - 7/25/19**

Nicky and his family have a new opportunity they might be taking that would require him to relocate in the next month or so. As happy as we are for him and his family, it does sadden us to announce that his books will be closed until further notice.

We ask that anyone interested in booking with Nicky to sign up on his “Waiting List” so that we will have your information regardless if he stay or moves. If Nicky does not move, then he will contact you back about setting up appointments, but if he does have to leave then we will be able to contact you about your tattoo ideas and see what options we can offer.

Either way, we will keep you updated when we know more. Thank you for your patience and understanding.