Frequently Asked Questions

1. How old do you need to be to get tattooed/pierced at your shop?

Lucky Bird Tattoo prohibits anyone under the age of 16 to receive services from our shop.  Clients between the age of 16-17 must be accompanied by their PARENT or LEGAL GUARDIAN and both parties must provide a valid government issued ID.  Here are a list of acceptable forms of ID:

a. learner's permit / driver's license
b. passport
c. school ID + birth certificate

If last names do not match OR if the addresses do not match on both of your IDs, bring the client's birth certificate in addition to the proper IDs.  The Parent or Legal Guardian whose name is on the birth certificate needs to be present.  Please contact the shop if you have questions regarding proper IDs.

ALL clients of Lucky Bird Tattoo must provide a valid, government issued ID before receiving any services from a Lucky Bird staff member, regardless of your age.  No exceptions.

2. Do you accept walk ins?

We always try to accommodate walk ins when possible.  Booking an appointment is always the best advise so, both, our artists and clients can be properly prepared for the day's project and the client’s time is guaranteed.  You can always call or stop by during our business hours to see what our availability is looking like for the day.

We do not book appointments for piercings - we only accept walk ins.

3. How do I book an appointment?

All appointments must be scheduled in person or over the phone.  After contacting the shop/artist about your tattoo design or following your consultation, we can discuss the available dates and times that work best for you.  A deposit will need to be paid to book an appointment, which will come off the final price of your tattoo.  Deposits can range from $60 - $160 depending on the size of the project. 

4. Do I need a consultation?

If it is something simple and small that doesn’t require you to come in and sit down with an artist, most likely we can just book you an appointment with an artist over the phone. If it is something more custom, larger scale or involving a cover-up, then we will let you know if you need a free consultation. Sending reference images and a detailed description to our email would greatly help us determine if a consultation is needed.

5. How do you price your tattoos?

Pricing will depend on the size, detail, body location, and how well you are able to sit during your tattoo appointment.  Our shop minimum is $60 and will go up from there depending on those pricing factors.  For large scale projects, we have an hourly rate of $160.   Estimates can be offered during a free consultation with your artist prior to booking an appointment.  We do not give out prices through email or over the phone.

6. What is your cancelation policy?

All deposits for tattoos are final. Your deposit will be taken off the price of your last session of your tattoo. However, if you cancel, which includes rescheduling or failing to show up for any of your scheduled appointments before your tattoo is complete, you will FORFEIT your deposit money.  

Prior to booking any appointment, our staff will go over this policy thoroughly with clients making sure that the date and time they schedule is agreeable.

7. I emailed an artist at your shop and haven't heard back from them, what should I do?

We have excellent staff running the front of the shop during our business hours greeting clients, scheduling appointments, taking phone calls and answering emails.  Emails directed to our shop are typically answered within 24-48 hours, but please keep in mind that this time frame can change depending on holiday hours or days the shop is closed.  

If you contact our artists directly, please allow up to 72 hours for a response.  Keep in mind that our artists are tattooing during the day and drawing for upcoming appointments after hours.  They will answer emails in the order received and at times they may be receiving a high volume of emails.  

Please contact the shop via phone if you have not received a response after 72 hours from sending your original email.  

8. When can I see a sketch for my tattoo?

The design will be provided the day of the scheduled tattoo appointment.  We do offer free consultations to clients with the artist so they may understand the details needed before they begin designing the tattoo.  All drawings will only be started after an appointment/deposit is made.  Due to our volume of appointments and being a custom shop, our artists have to draw in the order of their scheduled clients to ensure the best quality of each design.  

9. Does your shop specialize in cover-ups?

All of our artists are highly qualified for covering up existing or old tattoos.  Figuring out what you want to cover the tattoo with will help us decide which artist we will recommend for your project.

10. Can I bring a friend to my appointment?

While we try to be as accommodating as possible, we do limit the space to one (1) additional friend in the room during your appointment.  This is to help minimize any risks of accidents or distractions so we can provide a safe working environment for our artists.  It is not advised to bring children to your appointment as they need constant supervision at all times and will need to wait in the front lobby.   A fussy child can be an unpleasant distraction to the surrounding artists and clients in the shop.

11. What should I do to prepare for my upcoming tattoo appointment?

Make sure to get lots of rest and to eat a good balance meal before getting tattooed.  Do not be hungover or recovering from an injury as this will be an unpleasant experience and may be difficult for your body to heal properly.  

Lotion the area that will be getting tattoo for a few days leading up to your appointment to help soften the skin so the ink and needles will take better.  

Wear comfortable clothing and be mindful of the tattoo placement.  It is possible for ink to get on your clothes so make sure factor that into your wardrobe options.