Mickey Mouse Flash Tattoo Day!

mickey flash day.jpg

Friday, November 16TH

We’re celebrating Mickey’s 90th birthday with a collaboration flash tattoo day of Mickey Mouse and Disney inspired tattoos! Shannon Taber, Shana Hall and guest artist Chris Edge will have pre-designed flash tattoos available from 1pm-9pm on a first come, first served walk-in basis.

Also available, “Get What You Get” designs where you can purchase $100 flat rate pre-determined designs by blindly choosing a number out of our Mickey Mouse Magic Pumpkin. $100 to play, $60 to replay.
Meaning, you can pay $100 to blindly choose a design or you can pay an additional $60 to draw again.

Friday, November 16th

Follow Shannon Taber, Shana Hall and Chris Edge on Instagram to see previews of the designs that will be available on November 16th! This is going to be so much fun and we hope that you all will come join us and celebrate the day with Mickey!