Friday the 13th

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FRIDAY THE 13th FLASH TATTOOS!!  This coming Friday, April 13th we’re offering custom horror flash tattoos by Parry Chotipradit, Shannon TaberShana Hall & Nicky Hennerez!!

Prices will start at $60+. No appointments. This is walk-ins only starting at 1:00pm until we are booked for the day! Get here early!!  This is a first-come, first-served basis.  If we do end up booking the day early, we will still offer to sign up clients on a "call back" list for the off chance that clients start dropping out or if we finish with more time to spare.

Everyone always asks to see the flash designs in advance, but unfortunately we do not want to spoil the surprise!  That takes all the fun out of coming to the shop and hanging out!  We will try to post some sneak peeks of the designs but we would rather encourage everyone to come out to shop the day of to see what we have to offer.    

Friday, April 13th @ 1:00-9:00pm (or until we are fully booked)
443-949-0305 |